Welcome to the Deep Sea

Hi! I’m Mai Koythong. I write about life, relationships, and lessons big and small. Expect short stories from me every Friday.

Why would you do this to yourself?

Great question. Three reasons:

1) I want to have a more consistent relationship with personal writing, which I love, and I’d like your help keeping me honest.

2) I love connecting with people and sharing experiences. I think I have some worth putting out there. Hopefully they’ll inspire, and at the very least give pause for reflection.

3) Putting yourself out there is scary. But when I have, I’ve grown. I like growing. Growing is fun! Scary and fun is a good combo.

Cool thumbnail illustrations, btw.

Thanks! All thumbnail illustrations are by Icons8. I color edit them. (My newsletter icon is all me, though!)


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Writing about life, relationships, and what we can learn from them.


Mai Koythong
Professional feeler of feelings