Have a nice life

Fingers crossed for you

I was taking a walk around my neighborhood when a brown squirrel carrying a red and green ball in its mouth scampered across my path and up a small tree.

Delighted, I whipped out my phone, zooming in with my camera to catch the nervous creature among the foliage.

“This tree is beautiful, isn’t it? It was just blooming a few weeks ago.”

I lowered my phone and grinned in agreement at the older man standing across from me. With his tinted glasses, pink shirt, and long, scraggly grey hair, he looked like he might be a modern day wizard (okay, probably just the hair that gave me that impression).

We chatted for maybe a minute or two about trees, that plumeria over there, and the iNaturalist app that helps you identify plants around you. And then he gave me one last warm smile and said he had to be on his way.

“Well, anyway. I hope you have a nice life! Unless we run into each other again.”

Surprised, I managed a quick, “You too!” before he was out of earshot.

I loved that we parted ways wishing each other well, not just for a day, but for every day that was to come. What a beautiful sentiment to pass on to a perfect stranger. How much more magical would the world be, if we all could have a cheerful little moment with each other and then be on our way, inspiring those around us as we move forward.

Well, anyway. I hope you have a nice life! Unless I see you again next Friday.